The Proper Way to Eat Brownies

I spent the entire weekend at my kitchen table, writing a paper on the doctrine of the Holy Spirit. 


I only left my chair when absolutely necessary.  To grab a pony-tail holder.  To go get a cheeseburger (umm…brainfood).  To find a purple pen.  To remove my chipped toenail polish (it was a major distraction).  To drink my 1000th diet dr. pepper.


 And to bake cream cheese brownies. 


Because the consumption of brownies is proven to enhance the writing process, of course.  Only, I’m not sure about the “proven” part.

And as I was grabbing yet another brownie out of the pan last night, I couldn’t help but laugh at what was left.  Both my roommate and I prefer brownies from the middle of the pan, so this is what I found:


But after all, this IS the proper way to eat a pan of brownies.  Begin with the center, and only eat the edges when all other possibilities have been eliminated.

And to think some people actually purchase brownie pans that eliminate the middle…the horror!


3 thoughts on “The Proper Way to Eat Brownies

  1. Rebekah

    Those brownies look exactly like the ones my Grandmom used to make. 🙂

    BTW, your blog rocks my world. We should talk (more than usual.) 🙂

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