A Day of Remembering

Russell Wade.

3.31.88 – 7.29.02

My younger brother, Russell, would have been 22 today.

So on this day, it seems appropriate to say…

 to the baby of the family,


 [wasn’t I a helpful big sister??]


to the boy whose laugh was contagious,


to the boy who never met a stranger,


to the boy who was known for his “duh” expression,


to the boy who was always into some sort of mischief,


to the boy who, although born with a heart problem, loved all sports,


to the boy who knew how to have fun and lived life surprisingly uninhibited,


and to the boy who kept us all on our toes (at. all. times.)…


Happy Birthday, Brother!


4 thoughts on “A Day of Remembering

  1. Mandy Cheshire

    Oh, what wonderful photos of Russ! And you and Cooper, too. 🙂 I love the picture where Cooper has the grey pants and the headband! What a sweet tribute to your brother. 🙂

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