Fun Find: Felt Snap Pouch

When I was little, every once in a while my family would go visit my Great-MeMaw.  And without fail, at some point during our visit, my brothers and I would each get 100 pennies.  She would even count them out one by one.  My older brother would get one, then I would get one, then my younger brother would get one…and so on until we each had 100.

It was the highlight of the trip!

And to make it even more fun, we would always get a small container to hold the pennies.  I don’t remember what containers the boys would get, but Great-MeMaw would give me a coin purse or a small trinket box.  I always LOVED those purses and boxes.  I still have my all-time favorite: a glass heart.  It wasn’t big enough to hold all the pennies, but I didn’t care.

I guess I haven’t changed too much, because when I found these felt pouches on etsy, I was immediately drawn to them.


I purchased a couple as Christmas gifts for friends, but just couldn’t resist getting one for myself, too!

I mean, really…how cute are these characters?

The mushroom is mine!

And the back of each one has a fun star detail in the corner!

Well made, so precious, and great for a smile!


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