A Day at the Ranch

This past Saturday, nine of us from the young singles class at church spent the afternoon at the Lazy 5 Ranch.  It was SO much fun!

The Lazy 5 Ranch is an animal park located in Mooresville, NC.  Between the petting area, caged animals, kangaroo exhibit, and 3.5 mile safari, they have over 750 animals!  You have the option to either ride through the safari on a horse-drawn wagon or (for a far superior experience) drive through in your own car and at your own pace as we did while feeding the animals along the way.

Before we had the opportunity to get our cameras ready (or even blink or breathe for that matter…), an over-zealous creature with antlers decided to steal one of our feed buckets after we had barely passed through the safari gate!  This left the four of us girls with only one feed bucket to share with the animals for the remainder of the safari, but we managed.

On the safari, we saw…





Lots of llamas.








The brochure technically says not to feed the zebras. 

However, when people decide to ignore the brochure and feed the zebras anyway, there is always the potential that at least one zebra will steal the bucket (they are strong!) and proceed to stand in the middle of the road, not caring in the least that a car (or two, or three, or four) would like to get past them.


 Water buffalo.

 “Oh, where’d we get them I don’t know, but everybody’s got a water buffaloooooo.”  (Silly Songs with Larry?  Veggie Tales?)


This particular water buffalo (who was literally dripping with water/mud/filth) was on a mission to stick his very large head through the window of the boys’ car behind us.  We may or may not have driven ahead to avoid the exact same occurrence and then stopped to watch their fate.  Since it wasn’t our car that was being muddied by an oversized water buffalo head, it was pretty hysterical!


A rhino.

 He literally didn’t move.  Ever.





Don’t let that first look of disinterest fool you…they were quite happy to humor our feeding-through-the-sunroof attempts.


And they enjoyed it!


 [more] Llamas. 

 They were pretty much everywhere – there were even a couple of babies! 

And they were all super friendly!



With their deranged-looking eyes and disturbing desire to peck, we pretty much kept the windows rolled UP when they were passing by.

In the zoo area, we saw:

 Lemurs…with their precious babies!




Goats.  How cute is this little one??


 Or these little ones??

I WANT ONE!!  Maybe the HOA wouldn’t notice…




 Beautiful birds. 

 Anyone have a clue what this is??


 And kangaroos!! Again with the adorable baby/joey!!


In case you didn’t notice, this doesn’t quite add up to 750…there were LOTS of other animals as well including longhorns, buffalo, peacocks, and prairie dogs (one of whom even managed to escape his exhibit and make a home for himself elsewhere), to name a few. 

If you’re ever in the Mooresville area and have some free time, I highly recommend a trip to the Lazy 5 Ranch!


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  1. Kendra

    Oh my gosh I love Lazy 5!!! 🙂 I’m so glad you got to go and show pictures and tell the funny things that happened… you just made me laugh out loud.. one of my co-workers was like “what’s so funny” 🙂

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