Weekend at the Beach

My roommate, B, and I spent a low-key and relaxing weekend (well, Saturday to Monday) at the beach. 

At my favorite beach to be exact: Ocean Isle Beach, NC.

On the trip down, we… 

Started the trip off right with dark cherry mocha Frappuccinos from Starbucks…yum!

Had front row seats (seriously, they made us get off the road) to watching a house being moved on a trailer.  Not a modular home.  A house.  With a man sitting on the roof.  A highly useful and practical conversation followed about how one would go about moving the power lines out of the way without dying from electrocution while sitting on a house.

Drove behind a truck hauling 3 young cows in a trailer.  Every time the truck rounded a curve, they all shifted on top of each other.  It was comical.

Observed a boat being transported on a trailer.  By boat, I really mean a swanky yacht that was entirely too large for the highway.  And while I know one of my uncles would just say, “A boat is a hole in the water you throw money into…” I still think it would be all shades of awesome to live on a boat for several months.

Drove through a field.  At least according to the Garmin…she was a little confused by the new(ish) bypass.  I muted her.

When we got there, there was no room parking at the inn.  So we parked in the public lot right next door (with our parking permit for the inn clearly displayed). 

Except for the 4 minutes I spent talking our way out of a parking ticket the next morning (I mean, was it really our fault that the wedding guests took all the parking spaces at the inn?  I think not.), we spent all day Sunday on the beach.

It was a perfect beach day!   

And we only suffered minor burns. 

Here’s the thing: I have this slight obsession with sunscreen.  I apply liberally and reapply often.  But apparently I still manage to miss a few spots, so for the first time ever, my fingers are sunburned. 

How does that even happen?

And for your amusement, here’s a sample conversation that could be overheard in our hotel room: 

B: Can you write with your toes?

Me: <giving an I-know-you-did-not-just-ask-me-that look> No. Can you???

B: I don’t know.  I’ve never tried.

…I go back to reading theology, and a few minutes later I hear…

B: Yep, I can write with my toes!


For all you fellow beach lovers, am I the only one with a favorite beach?  I like new adventures and road-trips, but when I go to the beach, I prefer the familiar.  Do you tend to go to the same beach over and over, too, or do you try new ones?


2 thoughts on “Weekend at the Beach

  1. Kendra

    So I just laughed out loud. See you viewed your front row seat to the house, the cows and the garmin as comical and I so would have viewed it as my bad luck.. but only b/c that stuff doesn’t happen to me just every so often it happens ALL the time and it’s just plain annoying :)!! To answer your questions, I think my favorite beach spot has changed over the years… while I was in my freshman-junior year of college I would have said the south side of Wrightsville beach b/c there’s nothing there and you can hide b/t the dunes and study and be left alone, then my senior year.. I’d say the south end of Carolina Beach… if I got to pick any beach though it would be on a beach that’s in the Ababco Islands (the bahamas)… but then again I love trying new beaches everywhere I go :). I will caution all of you who aren’t Texans… our beaches are not good!!! Your view is oil rigs out in the gulf!!

  2. Rebekah

    I drove through that same “field” that is really the bypass last year when I came back from the beach! That’s funny!

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