Study Habits: No Rhyme or Reason

My brain functions best when things are organized and logical.  I like rules, guidelines, and details, and I tend to over-analyze everything.

So it surprises even me that my study habits are rather random and meaningless.

When I’m studying, I make all sorts of marks in my textbook:


I use brackets. 


 I underline words…



And phrases.


I highlight…


In various colors no less.


 I use boxes.


 I write notes or questions in the margins…


 Or sometimes just question marks.


 I even place tabs on pages to refer back to…


 Even if it’s just a reference to a hymn.


But there is absolutely NO particular rhyme or reason to any of these marks.  I have no set “rules” for what type of text is underlined vs. bracketed vs. highlighted. 

And for once, the content of my studies is worth it, and I’m okay with my unorganized approach.