Fun Find: Mint Thyme

I almost ran out of shampoo this week.

Don’t worry, this evening after work I changed clothes (twice), read a chapter in a book, made coconut macaroons, and then reminded myself that I was an adult and capable of leaving the house even when I desired otherwise, went out in the impending monsoon, and purchased shampoo.

But if my procrastinating side had won out and I had not braved the elements, I was prepared to use the remains of this:

Lather brand mint thyme hair wash and crème rinse.

I know I picked up these travel sized bottles from a hotel on a business trip, but I honestly cannot recall which one.  They were either from the Hyatt in Colorado or the Hilton in New Hampshire.  Probably.  I think.  Yes, definitely one of those two.

For whatever reason, I didn’t use them on the actual trip (but of course I still had to bring them home…), so they lived under my bathroom sink until a desperate situation arose similar to the one noted above.  But after finally using it, I discovered that this is by far the BEST shampoo/conditioner combo I have ever used.  Both the wash and rinse smell amazing and leave my hair ridiculously soft and clean.

There’s one [major] downside, though.

When I realized how much I loved the products, I went on a search to find out where to purchase more.  That’s when I came across their website and realized that 8oz. bottles of the wash and rinse cost $18 each.  Yikes!

I couldn’t bring myself to spend that much, but I still love the stuff!

So here’s what I want to know: am I the only one not willing to spend $36 on glorified shampoo and conditioner?  Even for a good product, would you spend that much?


One thought on “Fun Find: Mint Thyme

  1. Kelly

    I might get it…but only use it on special occasions….and it depends if it was my $36…LOL….

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