The Beach…From the 20th Floor

I have been out of town or in the car traveling for 7 of the past 14 days (not consecutively) and spending every spare minute in between studying for an Old Testament exam.  Which is now complete.  Thankfully.

To kick off this rare burst of back-to-back traveling, my roommate and I headed to the beach for a few days the last weekend in June.  Although we had been planning to go for quite a while, we failed to book a hotel room very far in advance.  This is not altogether unusual (last minute is just how we roll…), but there were a few factors we hadn’t fully considered:

1)     It’s summer. 

2)     It’s the beach. 

3)     And did I mention it’s summer?

Because it happens to be peak season at the beach (something about it being summer…), the rooms were all booked at our first choice, so we ended up staying at North Myrtle Beach.  I typically avoid the Myrtle Beach area because it’s a little more crowded and built up than I prefer, but while I’m still not completely sold, the area of North Myrtle where we stayed was actually not too terrible.

Now, I would tell you a story about the trip down, but the pictures I took (mostly of tractors and houses and corn) didn’t turn out great.

Or, I would tell you about the hotel and surrounding area (which was energetic and fun, but not as over-crowded as I had feared), but the pictures I took of the outside are no where to be found.

Or, I would tell you about the hotel room (which was amazingly fabulous!), but the pictures I took of the inside were way out of focus.

But instead I will tell you this:

When we first stepped onto the elevator to head to the lobby, B said, “What if we ended up on the 16th floor?”

To which I responded, “I kind of hope we’re not.  I’d rather be on a lower floor.”

So of course when we got to the desk, the guy who checked us in said, “I hope no one’s afraid of heights because you’re on the 20th floor.”





It turned out to be one of the best parts of the trip, though.  The balcony was perfect!


Another best part of the trip?  I actually got IN the ocean for the first time in close to 10 years.  We’re talking past the breakers, can’t see my feet, water up to my neck, stepping in holes on the ocean floor, riding the waves, IN THE OCEAN. 

Pure bliss!


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  1. Kendra

    okay so I’m behind on my blog reading and just read this and I must say it’s so funny to read this b/c I “heard” you the whole time!! 🙂

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