A Workshop at the Loft

About a month ago, I invested in my very first DSLR camera.  Needless to say, I absolutely love it!  I think I have literally taken more photos in the past month than in the past 12 months put together.

Unfortunately, as I was attempting to figure out settings and test the camera’s limits with very little knowledge of what I was doing, a significant number of those photos were worthy only of the delete button…if not immediately in the camera, certainly by the time they hit the computer screen.   

But about a week after the camera arrived, Lindsey Lee (of Lindsey Lee Photography) announced on her blog that she was hosting a workshop for beginner DSLR users.  While these last few weeks of randomly playing with my camera were entertaining and informative, given all the pictures subjected to the tragedy of the delete button, I’d say…PERFECT TIMING!!


So yesterday, I attended the greatest photography workshop I have ever been to!  Okay, so maybe it’s the only photography workshop I have ever been to, but if I had ever been to another one, this would still be the greatest!

The workshop was held at The Loft at 14th in downtown Concord, NC.  Such a cute place!


The main meeting room downstairs was perfect for a small group,


The details of the space were awesome (I mean, hello, beautiful exposed brick…),


And there’s even a full kitchen upstairs!

[Side note: At this point, I feel it is appropriate to add that the blown out, under-exposed, out of focus, technically inconsistent shots included in this post are by no means a reflection of the fabulous teacher and are rather a reflection of her slow-to-grasp-the-practical-side-of-new-concepts student.  Just sayin’.]

Speaking of the fabulous teacher…


Can’t begin to say enough great things about Lindsey.  She’s pretty much amazing!

After spending lots of time talking about camera settings and photography basics, practicing our new skills on random indoor subjects, and asking (and having answered) plenty of questions, we headed out doors to put all of our new found knowledge to use with our super fun model!  Here’s a few of the halfway decent shots… 



And while I’m fairly certain she’ll never read my blog, just in case…huge shout out to Taylor!!  Thanks so much for putting up with us; you were great!!



While I didn’t do much editing/fixing to the above photos, and while these still aren’t perfect, I’m pretty proud to say these last two are SOOC (straight out of camera)!



Lindsey, thanks again for a wonderful workshop!  It was a joy to meet you and spend the morning learning from you…can’t wait to put all of those “aha moments” to good use!


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  1. kendra

    Yay! Thank you so much for posting these, I am so glad that you have fallen for photography and want to learn everything about it! I love that now I can comment about your photos! I think you did an awesome job, and I give you mad props for posting sooc! Hopefully I’ll get to see the whole bundle of these one day! Love you!

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