Good Reads: Sullivan Crisp Novels

Not too long ago, I was over at my parents’ house and getting ready to walk out the door when my mom handed me a stack of three books and said something to the effect of, “Here, you should read these.  They’re novels, but they’re deep.  I think you’ll really like them.”



Written by Nancy Rue and Stephen Arterburn, each book in the series of three has its own self-contained plot and characters.  But they are also all connected by one main character: Sullivan Crisp, a rather unique Christian psychologist who counsels others toward healing while dealing with and healing from his own past hurts.

While each book could technically stand alone and be read apart from the others, the story is much more complete when all three are read in order:



Healing Stones



Healing Waters


 Healing Sands

I left the books sitting on my nightstand for about a week before I started reading them, but once I started, I could. not. stop.  (Unfortunately, even at the expense of much needed sleep…) 

They are sooo good! 

The books are well written, the plots are believable, the characters are genuine, and the dialogue just fits.  My mom was right; the books are deep.  They will challenge you and make you think, but also keep you engaged and entertained.

I highly recommend reading the Sullivan Crisp series!