2 More Hours


Recently, I was lamenting the fact that there just weren’t enough hours in the day to accomplish all of the tasks on my to-do list and engage in activities that I actually enjoy. 

But if there were just 2 more hours in every day I could…


Cook and bake more.


Read more…for fun.


Take more pictures.


Exercise more.  [Maybe. If I wanted to…]


AND Study Scripture and theology more.


All of a sudden, it sounds like just 2 more hours may not be enough…

What would you do with more hours in your day?


3 thoughts on “2 More Hours

  1. Kendra

    this post made me happy!!! 🙂 There’s a lot I would do with more hours in my day…. go grocery shopping, edit more, spend more time with friends, spend more time with God, exercise, etc. etc….

  2. Kelly

    With more time I would hopefully get my “to do” list complete, watch more movies, and spend more time wood-working (a favorite hobby of mine). : )

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