“You [God] will keep in perfect peace him whose mind is steadfast,

because he trusts in You

Trust in the Lord forever, for the Lord,

the Lord, is the Rock eternal.” 

Isaiah 26:3-4 (New International Version – emphasis added)



I was sitting in the drive-thru waiting for the driver of the jeep ahead of me to finish the money-for-food exchange when I observed a mother and her three teenage children walking across the parking lot to their stereotypically teal mini-van.  Before stepping off the curb, the mother (who was in the lead) checked and double checked to make sure the parking lot was clear of cars.  Her daughter (who was right behind her) did the exact same thing before proceeding into the parking lot. 

But her two sons (who were only a couple of steps behind), seeming to know that their mother was looking out for their best interest and had already planned and chosen a safe path, followed confidently without ever so much as a sideways glance.

At that point, I couldn’t help but think of how often in my relationship with God, I react more like the daughter than the two sons.  Even though I should know that my heavenly Father has already planned and chosen a secure path, rather than confidently trust and follow His lead, I often cast a glance to the side…just to verify His way is right. 

And in that moment, I found myself longing to be more like those two teenage boys. 

You heard me right. 

I want to have that same…


unfaltering, and

unceasing trust

…in God, my all-knowing heavenly Father and eternal Rock.


4 thoughts on “Trust

  1. Carole Huck

    Thanks dear Emily for the reminder to keep focused on the one who is leading my life….and not to look to the right or left but just on Him….trusting Him that where He leads is the right, safe way for me..a lesson to be learned and relearned no matter what stage of life. (or what the circumstance is!!!!)

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