Cell Phones & Checkout Lines

Let me just start by clarifying that I do not make a habit of talking on my phone at the grocery store (in the checkout line OR anywhere else), but this weekend I heard my phone ring while I was in line behind a fellow shopper with a half-full cart, and based on the incoming number and the estimated time it should take to get through the line, I made a hasty decision to go ahead and answer.

But, I was already engaged in my typical I-might-be-in-line-for-a-couple-of-minutes routine of picking up and flipping through an interesting looking (and sometimes informative and beneficial…) magazine that I have absolutely NO intention of buying. 

Then, the cashier in the next line motioned for me to move over into his (now empty) line, which I did…while still on the phone.

So, when I got home and was putting away my groceries, imagine my surprise when I found this in one of the bags…



…which I vaguely remember haphazardly tossing into my cart when I hastily decided to answer my phone.

Admittedly, it could be worse, but aside from it being just plain rude, consider this yet another reason why you should NOT talk on your cell phone while in the checkout line at the grocery store:

You might end up making unintentional and frivolous purchases.

Have you ever discovered an unintentional purchase that resulted from a distraction at some point during your shopping excursion?

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