Four Days (in bullet points)

During the last four days, I…

  • Had the privilege of eating breakfast with a friend who lives 10,000 miles away (okay, maybe subtracting one of those zeros would be more accurate…). Awesome.
  • Upgraded my computer at work to Windows 7.  I’ll get used to it.
  • Made the worst meatballs ever.  Tragic.
  • Spent an entire evening at home without once turning on the computer.  Much needed.
  • Redeemed myself in the kitchen by making fail-safe chocolate éclair cake. Yum.
  • Cleaned the house, did some laundry, and organized data.  Necessary.
  • Killed [and pulverized] a wasp in my house.  Accomplishment.
  • Sang “Total Praise” with the church choir.  Powerful.
  • Attended a meeting surrounded by and covered with prayer.  Productive.
  • Experienced the first hints of coolness in the morning indicating fall is not too far away.  Glorious.



What have you done in the last four days?


2 thoughts on “Four Days (in bullet points)

  1. kendra

    Can I do 5 days :)…
    -Had breakfast with you 🙂
    -Had Lunch with another friend
    -Met up with the bride in a wedding I was in over the weekend, got her marriage license and then framed her bridals (which looked fabulous!!) 😉
    -ate BBQ
    -last minute wedding stuff
    -breakfast with my sister (ate the best pancakes EVER)
    -airport for 8 long hours
    -finally back in texas after an amazing trip in North Carolina!!!

  2. Kelly

    I cannot remember the past 4 days…LOL…I guess it would have went something like this:

    work (lots of it)
    church (lots of it)
    Went to Panther’s game (so fun)
    Spent every available moment on phone or with Joshua (so fun)
    NOT exercising as much as I should have (LOL)
    Counting down the moments until Fall is really here (favorite season)

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