Dear Reader…

Dear Faithful Few Blog Readers:
Please accept my sincerest apologies for neglecting you for the past 10 days.  I know, I know…10!  I trust that you have spent your time reading far more superior content in my absence (you know, as in meaningful articles, actual books, or…fortune cookie inserts).  Thank you for hanging around and continuing to check-in; your loyalty is MUCH appreciated.
Posts on the following will be coming soon and very soon (although not necessarily in this order):

1. The Butterfly Bush.


2. New Devo Post.  Finally.  All We Need is Love.


3. Coconut Macaroons: the easiest/fastest dessert ever, but oh so tasty.


4. One of my fatal flaws: seriously, it’s a problem.


5. My favorite devotional.  Of. All. Time.


Hope you all had a wonderful Labor Day weekend and are now adjusting to your post-summer routines!


5 thoughts on “Dear Reader…

  1. Carole Huck

    love reading what your heart writes. Can’t wait!!! Hey your bedroom (My guess!) looks pretty cumfy!!!!

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