Proof of a Fatal Flaw

Okay, so maybe “fatal flaw” is a bit dramatic, but I do have a problem.



 I like the bed made…every day. 



Which wouldn’t really be such a problem, except for the fact that I rarely have time to make the bed in the morning (in general, mornings and I don’t really get along).




But I still like the bed made.  So I often make the bed when I get home in the evening…even if it’s already 7:55 pm and I know I will just UNmake the bed again in a few short hours.




What’s one of your “fatal flaws”?


One thought on “Proof of a Fatal Flaw

  1. Kelly

    Yes I do have one…at least it is something weird about me. I do not drink coffee but I would be happy if I could drink all my beverages in coffee cups. I love to always drink my milk in coffee cups….strange! : )

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