Fall Maize Maze


Yesterday, nine of us from the young singles group at church went to the Rural Hill Amazing Maize Maze in Huntersville, NC.  I had previously only experienced corn mazes at night (which I still highly recommend), so was a little leery of going in the middle of the afternoon, but it was SOO much fun!!

 [Note: I did not take this picture…nor did my camera since I’m holding it.]


We started out by selecting a flag to represent our team.  The lady who provided our “orientation” before entering the maze made it clear that the flag was just to help in case we got TOO lost.  or we needed help. or we fainted. or we died. or something like that…



With our flag chosen and leading the way, we were off!



The goal of this particular corn maze was to find all 12 mailboxes positioned in “dead ends” throughout the maze, which each contained a square piece of the map.  In theory, when all 12 pieces had been located, the map of the maze would be complete and the path to the exit would become obvious.



I suppose the theory was correct in the end, but several moments of brainstorming/negotiating/debating “which direction should we go next” ensued after each piece was found:






Along the way, we also came across several “kernels of knowledge,” which were the answers to a crossword puzzle on the back of the map.  I didn’t actually carry a map through the maze, so the purpose of this activity currently escapes me…



After 1 hour and 43 minutes and a significant amount of teamwork (not to mention walking a minimum of 2.5 miles through the corn), we finally made it out…success is golden!