Apologetics Conference

This past weekend, I had the privilege of attending The 17th Annual National Conference on Christian Apologetics presented by Southern Evangelical Seminary in Charlotte, NC.

Although mentally exhausting (I seriously came home Saturday night and crashed on the couch for most of the evening), it was a great conference packed with powerful messages from engaging speakers. If you have the opportunity at some point, I would highly recommend this conference. Below is just a sample of some of my “take-aways” from the weekend:


Speaker: Josh McDowell

Title: Tolerating the Intolerable

TakeAway: We are not called to be tolerant. We are called to be loving.


Speaker: Bill Dembski

Title: Intelligent Design: Yesterday’s Orthodoxy, Today’s Heresy

TakeAway: Evolution (as Darwin envisioned) leaves no room for purpose as it is not focused on “ends”, but is rather solely focused on the present circumstance.


Speaker: Hugh Ross

Title: New Scientific Evidences for the God of the Bible

TakeAway: The issue is not as much intelligent design, but on the identity of the Designer. Ross outlined Biblical cosmology and mentioned several scientific proofs that went WAY over my head, but still left me thinking, “wow!”


Speaker: Dinesh D’Souza

Title: The Roots of Obama’s Rage

TakeAway: I must read D’Souza’s book by the same title! Powerful insights and background.


Speaker: Bill Federer

Title: Tolerance Backfired? How Christians founded America but now their beliefs are discriminated against!

TakeAway: Islam is more than just a religion.


Speaker: Chuck Colson

Title: Wanted: Christians with Courage

TakeAway: Culture comes from a belief system. If the latter is sick, so is the former.


Speaker: Gary Habermas

Title: The Resurrection Timeline: The Best Evidence

TakeAway: Regardless of what one believes about the Bible (a religious book, a history book, a book of stories with some facts mixed in), there is enough evidence to support the resurrection of Jesus Christ.


Speaker: Glenn Stanton

Title: God’s Nature Revealed in the Ontology of Family

TakeAway: Family is a representation of the Trinitarian reality.


Also present at the conference was Bobby Conway of The One Minute Apologist. His concept for this ministry is pure awesomeness…check it out!