A Tale of Two Dogs

1. Meet Charlie


 I forgot to take my camera, so a cell phone photo will have to do…


For the first few days of last week, I stayed at my friend Amy’s house with her dog.  Charlie is a retired/rescued racing greyhound and is the best-natured fellow. 

He even helped me study Greek.  Well, he slept at my feet through most of the studying, but he did manage to raise his head a few times to give me condescending looks when I made too much noise.  But at least he now has a solid working knowledge of endings for the nominative, dative, genetive, and accusative cases because I probably recited them to him about 100 times.

He is also one of the most effective alarm clocks I’ve ever encountered.  I left my door cracked at night, so when he was ready to go out in the morning (typically sometime between 6:55 and 7:03…though I did tell him to go back to bed when he tried to get me up at 6:15 one morning…he listened), he would simply walk into the room, stand next to the bed, and look at me until I acknowledged his presence.  It was too funny!


2.  Meet Zuri



At the end of last week, my friend Carol’s pug came to stay with me.  I used to have a pug, so I was excited about having another one in the house for a couple of days. 

Zuri was precious…and all pug!  When I first got my pug, I read a couple books about the typical temperament of a pug…and then quickly threw those books out the window because my pug apparently forgot to read the memo about how he was “supposed” to behave.  Since then, the majority of pugs I’ve come across have also forgotten to read the memo.  And Zuri is no exception.  She is energetic, very observant, a great little walker, and totally lovable!

She did manage to calm down enough to keep me company on the couch while I studied Church History and then watched a movie.  And that’s when the real fun began!  Zuri watches TV quite closely.  When she sees animals (especially dogs and horses), she bolts across the room from her position on the couch in 2 seconds flat to bark at the action.  Hysterical!

It was such a fun week!


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