Greek & Pumpkins

Between spending Friday night and most of Saturday in class and preparing for an exam that I completed tonight, the last week of my life has been completely consumed with studying Koine (New Testament) Greek.  And yes, it has been as exhausting and overwhelming as it sounds!

So, in an effort to take a break from the intense studies, and since it is now the first week in November (how is that possible??), is actually starting to feel like fall outside (hello, beautiful chilly weather…how I have missed thee!), and I have all things pumpkin on my mind, I thought it might be fun to share the few decorations that my roommate, B, and I settled on this year for the fall season.

I don’t typically participate much in seasonal decorating.  But from October through the first (or second. or maybe even third…) week in January, I DO like my home to reflect the season.  At least in a simple and minimalist sort of way.

This pumpkin-shaped-but-unscented candle sits on the mantle:




This grouping of three pumpkins found its home on the coffee table…



…along with this adorable pumpkin votive holder (with a pumpkin-scented votive, of course):



And finally, this pumpkin sits in the middle of the kitchen table…



…surrounded by leaves in fall colors, two of my favorite pumpkin-scented candles ever…



…and these fun napkin holders…



…to form a simple and seasonal centerpiece:



What about you – do you decorate with the seasons?


4 thoughts on “Greek & Pumpkins

  1. Kelly

    The decorations are so cute! I go crazy with decorations…I like to make my space look like the holiday threw up! LOL!! : )

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