A Completely Meaningless Post

For some reason which currently escapes me, last night I decided it would be worthwhile to stay up until all hours of the night in order to catch-up on some [long over-due] studying.  While this decision did [amazingly enough] result in a session of extremely productive study, it also resulted in significant sleep deprivation.

So as I was responding to a friend’s email today that had absolutely nothing to do with the topic at hand, I closed with these words:

ps: On a completely unrelated note, I am not in college anymore and do not function well on 4 hours of sleep. Just sayin’.
pps: I don’t know that I ever functioned well on that little sleep.
ppps: Happy Wednesday, Friend!

And then I had to pause and verify that today was/is actually Wednesday.

And then I had to laugh at my flow of consciousness…or lack thereof…especially considering it is highly improper to use that many post-scripts. 

Happy Wednesday, Friends!



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