Dear MeMaw

[Note to PopPaw: I know you’ll see this first, but you may want to use that highly sophisticated intercom system we’re always talking about and go “holler up the stairs” before you read the rest.]

Dear MeMaw,

This post is just for you.

I was given an important photography assignment this weekend, and as a result, you will be excited to know that I have been authorized to make a very special announcement.

The moment you have been patiently waiting for has arrived:

Your quilt is done!



As if you expected anything less, the colors are beautiful, the details are amazing, and the hand-quilting is gorgeous!  Mom did a fabulous job (as usual…).



Now, I’m not sure exactly how or when you will be receiving the finished product, but although the photos do not do this quilt anywhere near the justice it deserves, we thought you might enjoy this “sneak peak” in the meantime.



Can’t wait to see you at Christmas.  Get ready for some homemade cinnamon rolls!




5 thoughts on “Dear MeMaw

  1. Pam

    Oh, my goodness! That quilt is beautiful!! Your mom is an amazing woman…and you are an excellent photographer, too!

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