Christmas Party Randomness

On Saturday night, I attended a youth choir alumni Christmas party at the home of my former music minister and his wife…the latter of whom was the youth choir director for all but one of my years in the youth group.  It was SOO much fun to simply hang out and catch-up with one another for a few hours in such a relaxed environment!

By the end of the night, we were all gathered in the living room reminiscing about and sharing memories from the annual summer “Youth Choir Mission Tours”.  From Chicago to Wilmington to Baltimore to our own backyard and beyond, it was such a great opportunity to remember where the Lord has taken us through the years. 

Good times.

Yes, even when charter buses got “stuck” for hours, hotel arrangements were changed at the very last minute, fireworks sounded a little too much like gunfire, and platforms on which to perform were smaller than the ideal size!

But I especially loved seeing and hearing about everyone’s current stage of life and how we’re all serving the Lord in the specific (and often very different) areas to which He has called us for this particular season…that made my heart happy!

And for your amusement, here are some random happenings / thoughts from the evening:

Octopuses (octopi?) really do have “beaks”.  Who knew? 

Stories are better with sound effects.

Apparently, it is actually possible to play “Happy Birthday” on the violin using only one string (this was proven by the aforementioned music minister).

Jam thumbprint cookies are just so “jam” good.  Ha!

And to clarify, the Christmas Eve service will take place on Christmas Eve.  Just in case there was any question…

I hope you are having all kinds of fun with friends and family at your Christmas parties this year as well!