On New Year’s Eve Eve, in between putting away all of the Christmas decorations and plotting how best to dispose of our crunchy and crumbling Christmas tree (which may or may not have included the possibility of a midnight drop in an unidentified location…), my roommate and I made a snowman. 

Okay, so maybe she made a snowman…and I just decided it was cute enough for a couple of pictures.

Originally, the snowman had a face, which was actually quite adorable …

…until his head got smashed.  Oops!

And apparently, we don’t believe in wearing gloves.  (or coats. or shoes.) 

We might have even been wearing glorified pajamas.  While making a snowman. 

But it was FUN!

Even if the rest of the neighborhood had “decided” the snow was over…ha!


2 thoughts on “Snowman

  1. Carole Huck

    Hi Emily–cute blog!!! We weren’t here for the “horrific” snow that closed everything so Larry missed out making his once a yr. snowman. Do you think we may still have a chance??? Thanks for keeping in touch with me with you notes of encouragement. Don’t know when I’ll be back in the ranks but hopefully not too much longer. Healing is a long process. Have appreciated the choir so much being able to listen and worship with you. Thanks for your heart for the Lord and your witness. Looking forward to seeing you hopefully soon. Carole

  2. Leslie Gallimore

    That was a cute snowman and impressive since most of the neighborhood looks snow free. Gloves, hats, scarves and most especially shoes are thing your mothers have taught you. Choosing not to wear them………

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