What Could Have Been…

…but I’m SO glad was not!

In an effort to delete and organize some random and poorly categorized files on my computer, I recently came across a document that I had named “Potential Blog Titles.” Considering I had no recollection of ever drafting such a document, I thought the contents might be interesting.

Well . . . I suppose that would be one way to put it!

Although “The Inner Harbor” is far from a perfect blog title, let’s just say it now seems rather brilliant compared to some of the following ideas that were apparently swirling around in my brain a few years ago:

1. Placed, Planned, Purposed: Freely living the perfectionist’s every-last-detail-has-already-been-considered dream life on HIS terms. [I suppose this one could be worse, but it’s kinda/sorta/maybe boring.]

2. The Submitted Life: God-Aware. [I do vaguely remember thinking that this one seemed like a bad idea about 10 seconds after I typed it out, but I guess I never got around to removing it from the list.]

3. Structured Randomness. [Because that’s a blog everyone wants to read.]

4. As Classy and Refined . . . As a Post-it Note. [Ummm, yeah, okay.]

5. In My Black-and-White World . . . Everything Looks a Little Gray. [I actually liked the concept behind this title, but it just didn’t exactly work out.]

6. Perspectives from the Analysist: Random remembrances from one who over-analyzes everything. [“Analysist” being an accidentally-coined term from college that was fun at the time, but in a title sounds like I should be blogging about accounting.]

What was I thinking?!?

If you have a blog (or even if you don’t and you’ve just thought about what you might title one), what were some of your “alternate” titles?