Snow Day

As my fellow south-easterners can attest, it snowed last week.  A lot. At least by our standards. 

And although I was (thankfully) able to go into work for the majority of the day on Monday, as the forecast rather suddenly changed from 2”-4” to 6”-8” across much of the region and the snow continued to fall throughout the day, it became clear that the next day would be a SNOW DAY!

So on Tuesday morning, after first confirming that the roads were most definitely covered in a sheet of ice and then enjoying a leisurely morning (okay, and stressing a little bit that I would get miserably behind at work by missing another day during a week in which I was already scheduled to be out for two days…), I convinced my roommate, B, that we should go traipsing through the snow-turned-ice.


With a camera in hand, of course.


My roommate, B





Because we valued our non-injured status, we opted to walk down the middle of the by-then-slush-covered streets rather than the ice-covered sidewalks.  And from our vantage point in the middle of the street…


 We discovered random ice “sculptures”.


 We “tested” the depth of the snow.


We admired the scenery.


Does this photo of the lamppost remind anyone else of Narnia, or is it just me??


We made speeches.  “Hear ye, hear ye…”


Oh, dear.


In all fairness (and just for the record), I have NO idea what that speech may have been about.  Though I’m sure the topic was of utmost importance…


We even observed several cars sliding down the road as they turned and/or accelerated too quickly. 


And then we returned home where we turned on the fire, enjoyed breakfast for dinner (biscuits with sausage gravy…yum!), and watched a movie.  All of which make for a fine snow day in my book.

How do you spend your snow days?


2 thoughts on “Snow Day

  1. Kendra

    sooo I loved this post… it made me smile!! While I am glad I live in a state where the high will be like 66 today 🙂 I have missed the snow… I’m trying to remember how I spent my snow days when I actually had snow… I know we’d always go for a walk too and then come home and read or watch a movie if the power was on!!

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