Thankful for Spring

Many of you who know me beyond the confines of the computer screen, know that I am a cool-weather fan.

I love the briskness of winter cold, the comfort of my favorite turtleneck, and the early-evening darkness that compels me to study and create.

But today, I am finding myself so deeply thankful for the sights and smells of spring.




From the smells of freshly cut lawns, fertilizer, and onion grass (and okay, even those Bradford Pear trees)…

…to the sights of cloudless blue skies, full green foliage, the beginning of Redbud tree gorgeousness (is that even a word?), the promise of gardens in soon-to-be full bloom, and even the glowy evening light.

And for some reason, all of these sights and smells have been bringing back such sweet and happy memories of a childhood spent playing outdoors with two brothers and lots of friends…


digging in the dirt,

chalking the cement,

playing four-square and basketball in the driveway and football in the backyard,

enjoying the carelessness of swinging and sliding for hours on the what-would-now-be-considered-dangerous metal swingset,

running sprint races in the middle of the street,

riding bikes up and down the biggest hills we could find (even if that meant a neighbor’s driveway),

flying OFF of said bikes because we were going just a little too fast (oh, did that just happen to me?),

making “grass salads” and “mud cakes” (and bonus if you could find those little poisonous-weed strawberries),

going on adventures in woods and creeks,

and loving every minute of it all.


Yes, I am finding myself so deeply thankful.


For Simple. For Spring. For Memories. For Family. For Friends. For Life.


What are you thankful for?


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