Adventures on an Abandoned Farm

Not too far from my house, there’s an old run-down farmhouse situated on several acres of land that’s for sale.

Several times when I’ve driven past the property, I’ve thought (or said out loud if someone’s with me) that it looked like a fun place for a photo shoot, but I’ve never taken the time to actually stop and get a closer look at the location.

But last week, I convinced my amazing friend and roommate, B, to accompany me on an adventure to check out the property.



When we pulled up to the house around 6:30 in the evening, it looked a little rough and…well…abandoned, but we still had some daylight, and I was determined to explore. As we approached the house, several things became immediately apparent:

all of the window panes were broken,

some of the bricks of the foundation were missing,

the screened-in front porch was in need of extreme repair,

there were still curtains hanging in the windows and furniture in the house (and a TV from the 1960’s outside the house), and 

the porch door was hanging open.

Oh, and to make matters creepier, there was an old upright piano on the front porch right inside the door…

As we rounded the corner to the side of the house, I noticed that there were several sheds out back as well as a barn situated further back in the woods.

It was at this point that B may or may not have said something to the effect of: “You mean you didn’t realize there was a barn back here?”


Okay. So maybe I wasn’t as observant as I thought…

But now that I had realized that there was indeed a barn back there, it certainly seemed like a good idea to get a closer look.

However, as we neared the barn, the following sequence of events occurred:

A rooster crowed (it was someone’s pet, but still…)

A dinosaur-sized bird flew off a tree and swooped low to the ground right behind the barn

A pile of evidence indicating unwelcome human inhabitation was noted

Sufficiently creeped out, we then heard a rustling sound in the woods, stopped just long enough to snap a couple photos of the barn, and hightailed it back into open land where in the very least we could be spotted from the road.



Then after walking around the other side of the house, we came to the general consensus that this property, while certainly interesting and full of character, may not be the best place for an extended photo shoot after all.

But it was never-the-less a fun adventure for a weeknight. . .an adventure that reminded me of just how much I love old, abandoned, run down structures and all of the stories that they are guaranteed to represent!


5 thoughts on “Adventures on an Abandoned Farm

  1. Amy Cook

    You need to go back! (make it daylight — but definitely go back!) and I love the photo of the screen door.

  2. Kelly

    Was there a “No Trespassing” sign anywhere??? LOL…I want to go on the next adventure too! ; )

    1. Emily Post author

      Ha! No, there was not a “no trespassing” sign to be found! (trust me, I looked…)

      And I would love to have you join the next adventure! : )

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