Five Signs of an Exam Week

This morning I completed my second exam in my second semester of Biblical Greek.

<huge sigh of relief>

And as I looked around my house this morning while making final preparations for said exam, I noted 5 out-of-the-ordinary signs indicating this week was, indeed, an exam week:

   1. I have been eating, sleeping, and breathing Greek.

   2. I haven’t made my bed for several consecutive mornings.

   3. There is laundry everywhere (clean, dirty, and questionable).

   4. I made coffee from home on a Wednesday morning.

   5. And my kitchen table has looked like this for the better part of two days:



So while it may not have been pretty, and I am in no position to even guess what kind of a grade is coming my way, I am very much looking forward to a night of blissful post-exam sleep and getting my house back in order!

2 thoughts on “Five Signs of an Exam Week

  1. Amy Cook

    I am sure you did fine on your exam… but you might want to question your definition of a messed up desk. Your desk looks normal to me. PLEASE give yourself a break. I should take a photo of my desk, and then you could question MY sanity and feel better about your own even in the midst of exam pressure:)

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