Life Through a New Lens

Wow. . .that title sounds like I could be writing a brilliant post about a serious life topic.

But I’m not.

I just recently got a new lens (a 50mm prime lens with a 1.8 fixed aperture to be exact), and I think I’m in love!

And because I have had SO much fun playing with the new lens, it seems only fair that you should see a sampling of my recent subjects. . . 


Plants on the front porch.


 Tiki…my mom’s cat…she found her in an antique store.


A ’66 Mustang…my Dad is rebuilding the engine…


 …so I took a picture of that, too…



 …along with the very flat tire for good measure.


Alpha…he’s so regal looking.


Mercy…who could have cared less that I wanted her to actually look at me.


Clouds. Because…why not?


And a roommate (who humors my photographic endeavors).