Beach Vacation Part 1


Vacation has finally arrived!!

Except for Monday and Tuesday (when I’ll be driving back home to work for a couple of days and then picking-up my roommate and heading back Tuesday night), I am in Virginia at the beach with my family this week!

But rather than taking a break from blogging, or even scheduling posts in advance (which I’ll already be doing later this summer. . .more on that later), I decided it would be much more fun to blog from vacation.  And since I’ll have significantly more time on my hands, I’ll be posting every day (well, probably night) through Friday.

Here’s hoping we’re still friends by the end of the week. . . !



As I headed out of town on Saturday – following my parents’ car in front of me – the first song on the radio that I remember paying attention to was “Starry Night” by Chris August, which I love for its lyrics that proclaim God is “God of all [and] He is everything”.  I then proceeded to spend the next 5 hours or so listening to the introductory and first four sessions from “The Patriarchs”, one of Beth Moore’s Bible studies

One of the first concepts she discussed in the introductory session was how the Isrealites/Jews, out of holy fear and reverence, would not pronounce God’s name, YHWH (Yahweh), but would often instead refer to Him as HaShem, which in the Hebrew literally means “The Name”, and she exhorted her listeners to know and get lost in this Name with the same holy fear and reverence.

Several hours later, just before bed, as I was standing out on the back deck of the beach house with my family, looking out over the black expanse of ocean and admiring the countless stars, I felt as though I had spent the day doing just that. . .getting lost in The Name. . .what a great way to kick-off a vacation!

And then in true first-full-day-of-vacation-at-the-beach fashion, I spent the majority of Sunday:


Sitting and relaxing on the brown leather couch in the living room…


…where I could admire the amazing view out of these windows.


Sitting and relaxing on the beach…


…where I enjoyed all of the sights and smells of the ocean.


And sitting and relaxing by the pool (this is the first time we’ve had a house with a pool, and after today, I’m not sure we’ll ever be able to go back)…



…where I was able to get in a little last minute reading for Greek.


I’m sure there will be plenty of opportunities to walk, bike, and enjoy a little more of our surroundings later in the week, but for today, just sitting and relaxing was perfect!

Do you prefer to sit and relax on vacation, too, or do you prefer to be out sight-seeing and on the go?


8 thoughts on “Beach Vacation Part 1

  1. Kelly

    Since it was 11th grade since the last time I went on vacation I am not sure…LOL…I believe I am more the going out and sight seeing! Have a great vacation!

  2. Kendra

    Have a fabulous week!!! Love you bunches!! oHh and I’m totally a sit around and read a book a day kind of girl 🙂

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