No Words

Some days, I just don’t have the words.  A seemingly endless supply of thoughts, emotions, and questions. . .but no words. 

Today is one of those days.



But have you noticed the recent addition to my sidebar at the right?  The picture of 5 young faces from the Philippines?

(If you’re reading through a feed reader, I would encourage you to click over and see for yourself.)

Today, in the absence of my words, I dare you…

to click on that picture,

to read the words of Shaun Groves as he explains the purpose and ministry of Compassion International,

to read the words of Emily Freeman regarding God’s provision and the Living Word,

to read the words of the other Compassion Bloggers as they blog daily from the Philippines while on a trip with Compassion International,

…and as you read, I dare you to NOT be challenged, encouraged, blessed, and even changed.

One thought on “No Words

  1. emily freeman

    Thank you for this post. Your speechlessness today may pave the way for life changing action. Your support of children in the Philippines is so needed and appreciated. You will never know how much!

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