An oh-so-brief Break

One of the things I found most refreshing while on vacation at the beach was the slower pace of each day intermingled with short intervals of very intentional technology use, for both personal and professional reasons.
I didn’t realize just how dependent I had become on technology until I spent most of my time apart from it.


And truth?  I have been craving going back to that intentional use of my time ever since I returned home.
From a work perspective that is just not a reality (I certainly can’t check my email only once a day), but from a personal perspective it’s not only a reality, but a necessity.
So I am taking a break (albeit extremely brief) from my typical technology routine until Thursday evening…when I will be back with a BIG announcement!
Though I don’t blog anywhere near daily, and it may not be out of the ordinary for me to go from a Monday to a Thursday with no post, behind the scenes, I am still very much engaged with and connected to various means of technology.  But not this week. 


And I would be remiss if I didn’t share what I would be filling my time with over the next few days in place of technology:


Scripture. God’s Word. Truth.



Because the past month has seemed like a whirlwind of activity and the last couple of weeks have been downright chaotic.
And in the midst of the chaos, as I was struggling to find a constant, I realized that I had been suffering from a severe (and unacceptable) LACK of Scipture intake.
Oh sure, I’ve been in church a couple of times a week  and I’ve read a few verses here and there on a near-daily basis, but I have been lacking that intentional and focused intake of Scripture.  That raw, revealing, convicting, humbling, uplifting, self-exposing, heart-filling, ear-opening, soul-satisfying, one-on-one time with Jesus Christ that only comes through reading, meditating on, and soaking in His Word.
So over the next few days, I will be doing a rather fast-paced reading through all of Paul’s New Testament letters – that’s right, ALL of them – in preparation for the aforementioned announcement on Thursday.
See you then!


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