Bon Voyage!

As I mentioned here earlier this week, and alluded to here while at the beach, I have a BIG announcement today.



Tomorrow morning, I will be catching a plane to Boston where I will meet up with 9 other seminary students and a professor and then travel to Greece for a 2.5 week class studying Paul’s New Testament Letters on location!


I am excited, yes, but I am also nervous.


It seems that travel (or at least the preparation to travel) brings out the worst in me.  This is clearly evident through the flesh-spirit struggle that seems to be working on overdrive within me on an almost hourly basis.


In moments when my flesh takes over, my nerves get the best of me, I get caught up in the insignificant details of international travel (from how to deal with a food allergy to how to best pack my electronics), and I put up a front of determination to be completely self-sufficient and prepare for all possible contingencies.


But in the moments when I willfully submit my spirit to the Lord, which has been best achieved during my times of reading Paul’s Letters over the past few days (I only have 1 & 2 Corinthians left!), I can’t help but know a great peace surrounding this trip to Greece and know that, just as Paul writes to the various churches and individuals, for the next couple of weeks I am called to be in community with 10 fellow believers (albeit strangers) . . . to love, to serve, to pray . . . more and more . . . and I better live in a manner worthy of this calling.


The circumstances surrounding this trip are far different than I had anticipated.  I have lost all sense of security and feel as though I am walking into the complete unknown. . .but maybe that was God’s plan all along.


Although I am uncertain of internet accessibility during most of the trip, there will be several posts in my absence (including some guest posts from some pretty amazing people!) and I hope to be able to check in a couple of times as well. 


You didn’t think I’d actually leave you with nothing for two whole weeks, did you?


I would greatly appreciate your prayers while I am in Greece.  Sure, I have some anxiety regarding the travel details, but I know that those will ultimately work out.  Mostly, I ask that you pray that I would appreciate each moment, that I would live according to the Spirit, that I would invest myself fully, that I would study and learn productively, that God’s Word would come alive in a real and fresh way, and that I would be available to be used.


Just a few short hours away from departure, in some ways I feel completely unprepared and in other ways I feel completely equipped.


But in all ways, I am expectantly praying that this trip is life-changing, God-honoring, and eye-opening: to His word, to His calling, to His purpose, to His people.


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  1. Kelly

    Just finished praying for you! You will have an amazing trip and I cannot wait to hear ALL about it!!! : D

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