{Guest Post} The Awesomeness of God in Peru

(Thank you for praying for Kendra and the team while they served in Peru. As if we expected anything less, God revealed Himself in many powerful ways! This is just one of the amazing stories that Kendra shared with me upon her return, but as soon as she mentioned it, I basically said, “Ummm…yes…you HAVE to share that on the blog as your update!” And trust me, you will NOT want to miss the video below. Hysterical!) 

Well I am back from Peru!! I have to say that we serve an awesome God, and He amazes me every single day. I could probably go on and on about the things God did while our team was in Peru, but I’m not. 🙂 I am going to tell my story at some point, but today on Emily’s blog I want to share one really amazing thing that happened while in Peru. Below you are going to find a video of me, my crazy dad and our worship pastor.  To set the stage, know that we had been walking around the community inviting people to come to our presentation of dramas, songs, etc… We came to this plaza and decided to be crazy Americans to see if we could get anyone’s attention…

I know you’re jealous of my crazy dance talents!! NOT!! While we were being silly, a family across the plaza came out of their home and started watching us. After we finished our dancing we made our way towards them and our camera man (Marcello, who is fluent in Spanish) invited the family to come in for just a bit to watch our presentation. Low and behold the entire family showed up. We did our funny dramas and then our serious dramas. Intermixed with the dramas a few of us gave short testimonies, and then at the end, one of the team members gave an invitation.  After the invitation we always go out and get to know the people that came out. We pray with them, we love on them and sometimes we get to lead some of them to Christ. While some of us (including me) were feeding the families bread and milk, others were leading people to Christ. After I finished helping feed, I stood back and just took in my surroundings and sure enough, I look over and my dad is leading the dad of that same family (from the house that saw us dancing crazy) to Christ. 

How awesome is that?! 
Just this past Sunday I learned something even more awesome…while my dad was leading that man to Christ, someone else on our team led the rest of the family (the mom and kids) to Christ!!! I’m not saying that our crazy dancing was the only reason that this family came to the far edge of this community to watch us, but I am saying that God sometimes uses us in the most bizarre ways to reach His children.

Which brings to me to a challenge I have for each of us (myself included):

Step out and do something crazy/fun in order to share the love of Christ with someone else!!


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