Top 9 Devo Thoughts

Disclaimer: in lieu of a new devo thought this week, the below list is a completely subjective reflection of some of my best and/or most meaningful devo thoughts from my archives (in order from oldest to newest). Read two or four (or all ten) by clicking on the titles and then leave a comment with your favorite (even if it’s not on my list…).

1. You Can’t. But I Can: summer missions. used-to-be-hotel-room-floors. trust.

2. Be Still and KNOW: God is.

3. No Words Without THE Word: a lakehouse. lack of sleep. scripture.

4. The (not so) Minor Prophets: old testament. exam. book of amos.

5. Creation’s Praise Part 1: praising with creation. just. by. being.

6. A Challenging Question: where are you with the Lord?

7. Love More: deeply. sincerely. intentionally. more.

8. Anchor For My Soul: promises. faithfulness. sovereignty. it is well.

9. It’s Not About Me: but IT IS all about Him.



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