“If you get confused…”

After opening the box from IKEA, pulling out all of the shelf pieces, sorting the hardware…

…and staring at the first page of the instructions for a good five minutes…

…the conversation with my roommate, B, went something like this:

ME: I just don’t understand!

B: [pointing to one line at a time] This means you need these tools. This means it won’t crack and not cracking is good. This means if you get confused and need help, you should call IKEA.

ME: You got ALL that from those pictures!? I couldn’t figure out WHAT they meant!!

B: Didn’t you ever read the comics?


All confusion aside, by the end of the night we had a desk AND a shelf put together and looking mighty fine in the getting-closer-to-being-an-awesome-office-and-writing-space.

I’m now in the final (well…sorta) stages of organizing and choosing decorative details, so I hope to have a final reveal of the completed office posted within the next couple of weeks (because I know the suspense is almost unbearable!).


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