{Day 1} 31 Days to Better Understand our {God Given} Callings

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Almost twelve months ago, I began studying Koine (New Testament) Greek for my graduate Biblical Studies degree program.

Almost eight months ago, I had a phone conference that changed everything.

Almost four months ago, I wrote this post after making the decision to withdraw from seminary as it had become apparent I was being directed elsewhere.

But where? And when? And why? And how?

About the only thing I haven’t questioned in the last several months is by whom.

This is not the first time I’ve struggled with understanding God’s call – His purpose and His plan – nor [I’m quite certain] will it be the last.

So when The Nester invited her fellow bloggers to be a part of this October’s 31 Day Series, the time and venue just seemed right to pursue through writing this topic that has both fascinated and challenged me for years.

Although at times it may seem I have more questions than answers, by drawing heavily from Scripture I will be exploring our God given callings with a daily post for the next 31 days. I invite you to engage in the conversation, to wrestle with the questions that arise, and to join me in earnestly seeking the Lord. . .in whom “we live and move and have our being.”

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7 thoughts on “{Day 1} 31 Days to Better Understand our {God Given} Callings

  1. Leslie Gallimore

    Disregard my last comment. It helps to read it on the actual website, not just my e-mail feed. Love the picture included in this post. Makes me want to relax.

  2. NikkiFB

    I was so interested to see your 31 Days link…. b/c I’ve been considering doing the 31 days thing as well… with essentially the same topic as you! LOL I started what was supposed to be a blog series about this last month, but “life” (you know) got in the way and I haven’t sustained the blogging. And here it is Oct 1 and I still haven’t mentally committed to 31, but I just wanted to drop you a note of encouragement and say I look forward to reading you this month… and maybe this is the push I needed to get my blogging mojo going again. Blessings to you!

  3. Carol McMillan

    I can’t wait to follow your 31-day blog! I’m excited to see how much you can discover and grow in 31 days…maybe you’ll inspire others to do the same (no, I’m not committing at this point in time)!

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