The Word

I love all things related to Bible Study and I’m pretty much head over heels in love with Scripture.

But I’ve fallen {way} behind on this Bible-in-a-year reading plan, and last week I found myself sighing with resignation as I approached the four chapters for that day. Just wanting to get through the reading and move on, I half-heartedly prayed for the Holy Spirit’s guidance, quickly read the selected passages, and honestly didn’t give it much greater thought.

At least until later when I realized that I had let this experience of more consistent and disciplined intake of Scripture become more of a chore – something to cross off my list – than a way to deepen my knowledge of and love for Jesus Christ, the Word who dwelt among us (John 1:1).

“We need the person of Jesus himself whom we find in and through the Scriptures…We can never afford to settle for anything less than the words of the Bible, but extreme as it may seem, our souls need more than words, more than facts, more than studies and new head knowledge. We need the Word himself.” – David Mathis (Desiring God Blog)

Reading the Word for any other purpose than seeking to know The Word simply isn’t enough.

2 thoughts on “The Word

  1. anitakgreene

    Emily, I can so relate. I’ve tried to read the Bible in a year several times and gave up for this very reason. I’d get behind and just skim to get ‘caught’ up which wasn’t helping me in anyway. This year it dawned on me – why does it have to be done in one year? I’ve lived fifty-mumble-mumble years and not read the Bible through. What if I take two years? Finishing in two years is better than not doing it at all. I found a reading plan on-line for reading through the Bible in two years. In those two years, I’ll have read the New Testament and Psalms twice. How cool is that? I only began the first of this month and it’s going well. The great thing is, if I do miss a day, the reading are short enough that I can catch up with out rushing through the reading. I’m really enjoying it this time. Finally, at my age (ha!) I figured it out. The two year plan makes a difference.

    1. Emily Post author

      Thank you so much for taking the time to encourage me in this! Yes, I’m with you, it’s so much better to read it slowly – really soaking it in – in two years than to skim it just to get “caught up”, which really misses the whole point anyway. Constantly reminding myself of this. His grace is sufficient!!

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