Photo of the Week: Fourteen

My current reads:

1) Worship on Earth as it is in Heaven by Rory Noland

The worship ministries team at church (choir, orchestra, and tech) is currently going through this book together on Wednesday nights, and it is awesome! Covering one chapter per week, we just recently finished the first section on private worship, drawing heavily from Psalms and the life of David, and have moved into the second and final section on corporate worship, largely based on Revelation. Although a fairly easy read, it’s convicting and challenging and encouraging all wrapped into one.

2) Blue Like Jazz: Nonreligious Thoughts on Christian Spirituality by Donald Miller

This is actually a re-read. I first read this book about 6 years ago during my senior year of college, but started reading it again in anticipation of the movie Blue Like Jazz releasing in theaters on April 13th. I didn’t quite finish before seeing the movie last Thursday evening (good movie and great conversation starter, by the way! I would definitely recommend it!), but I’ve found I have a much deeper appreciation for the book this time around and am enjoying reading through it at a slightly slower pace. Don Miller is a gifted storyteller, and although I’m still not one hundred percent on board with all of his ideas, I am connecting to both his style and dialogue on faith in a whole new way. Love when that happens!