10 Most Played Worship Songs on My iTunes

Call me crazy, but I typically listen to worship music while I walk on the treadmill (well, that or I read) because it motivates, focuses, and challenges me far more than music with a faster or more consistent beat, but with empty and meaningless lyrics. And really, there’s just something so satisfying about worshiping your heart out during a work out.

So these are some of the most played songs from my worship playlists that frequently accompany my walks. And in the name of full disclosure, I’ll just go right ahead and say it … this list reflects the current 10 most played worship songs, not necessarily of all time, though there is some overlap.

1. God is Able – Hillsong

This is such a powerful song. When I need to be confronted with my own smallness (and trust me, that’s often), this is one of my first choices.

2. All is Grace – Shaun Groves

From his album Third World Symphony, this is one of my favorites. I listen to it a lot. The lyrics and melody are simple and full of truth.

3. All I Have is Christ – Sovereign Grace Music

This is probably one of the best worship songs I have ever heard. The lyrics are so, so powerful and Christ-centered.

4. Just As I Am – Travis Cottrell

Love this: “I come broken to be mended, I come wounded to be healed, I come desperate to be rescued, I come empty to be filled. I come guilty to be pardoned by the blood of Christ the Lamb, and I’m welcomed with open arms, praise God, just as I am.”

5. The River – Brian Doerksen

With lyrics rich in the message of forgiveness, this song has been in the running of most played worship songs for several years (long before I even had an iTunes account). And this experience in Greece makes the song even sweeter.

6. Redeemer – Kutless

Classic worship song. Modernized by Kutless. Powerful as ever.

7. 10,000 Reasons – Matt Redman

There are hardly words to express how much I love this song. “For all Your goodness I will keep on singing, 10,000 reasons for my heart to find. Bless the Lord, O, my soul…worship His holy name…”

8. More Than Amazing – Lincoln Brewster

Because yes, “…forever our God, You’re more than enough, You are amazing.”

9. Worthy is the Lamb – Hillsong

Another one that’s probably been in the top 10 list for several years now. Reflecting on the cross and proclaiming that Christ is worthy never gets old.

10. My Hope – Tommy Coomes Band

I first heard this song when I was serving as a summer missionary in college. A couple other summer missionaries and I helped at the book/media table for the Franklin Graham Crusade in Baltimore, and the Tommy Coomes Band led worship for the event. It remains a favorite to this day.

So, tell me, what are some of your top 10 most played songs?