{Day 11} This Process Has Only Just Begun…

“I will say to the Lord, ‘My refuge and my fortress, my God, in whom I trust,'”

Psalm 91:2

From the journal . . .

The application has been turned over to the placement office, and this process has only just begun.

On the heels of feeling a huge wave of relief wash over me as I finalized the application details and clicked submit, there’s now a whole new level of pressure and a whole new list of expectations, requirements, and paperwork.

It’s good. It’s just a lot.

I still find myself going back and forth from being crazy excited one moment to experiencing sheer terror the next as I consider the weight of where the Lord may lead. I want to honestly acknowledge both the excitement and the fear, to depend on Him more and more through both, and to fully surrender myself to His calling, to His direction, to His way.

The paperwork, the responsibilites, the cost, the inconveniences … it all feels daunting and overwhelming.

But although following Christ is rarely easy, it’s always satisfying.

This is for His glory. This is for His fame.

And in this moment, this process seems so much less about a destination and so much more about trusting Him along the way.

May all of this process make much of Him.


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