Places I Would Love to Go

I don’t think the title of this post is grammatically correct, but I’ve spent the last two Fridays on I-85, and with two trips in the works for later this year, lately I’ve been thinking and dreaming about some of the places I would love to go.

places i would love to go

So in no particular order, I’d love to go to…

1. Hawaii – Islands. Volcanoes. Trees. Beaches. Beauty.

2. Jamaica –  I have no idea. It just sounds fun.

3. Estes Park, CO – Ok, technically I’ve already been there, but it was for business, so it was only for a couple of days and mostly spent in a hotel conference room. The pace of life out there just seems so inviting, and you can’t beat the views.

4. Italy – Does this really need further explanation?

5. Nashville, TN – I hear the culture is pretty incredible. And some of the people are pretty incredible, too.

6. Greece – Yep. I would absolutely go back there. The photo in this post is one of my favorites from Mykonos.

7. Disney World – Who doesn’t need a little Mickey Mouse in their life? And I’ve never been.

8. Africa – I have always wanted to go on a mission trip to somewhere in Africa. Hopefully someday if/as the Lord leads and allows, that will happen.

9. West Coast – Specifically, San Diego and Seattle. But really, I just want to see a sunset over the Pacific Ocean out there.

10. Guatemala – It feels like part of my heart will forever be there.

Since it’s the weekend, care to dream a little with me?

Where would you love to go?


14 thoughts on “Places I Would Love to Go

  1. Vicki Gladson

    Come to Nashville and you will have a place to stay (and please bring your Mom!) : )

  2. Amy

    You know there is always Boston…. Not to mention tons of great stuff all over New England. That seems like a great road trip!!!

  3. Dawn Muench

    1. Lived there, call it “home”- when you are ready- let’s go ( I’m serious).
    2. Never been- beautiful!
    3. Love Colorado!
    4. Love. Want to go back for like, 3 months.
    5. Love. Love. Love. ( wrecked reunion site?)
    6. Top 5 “wanna go” for me.
    7. YOU’VE NEVER BEEN? seriously- MM is the best. One of my favorite places on Earth
    despite the commercialism, expensiveness and over the top everything. Still love.
    8. Let’s go! I support a family/friends in Ethiopia- anytime!
    9. Uhmmm seriously? Come visit!
    10. Yes. Guatemala 🙂

    1. Emily Post author

      Hawaii with you would be SO MUCH FUN!
      Nashville for wrecked reunion? I’m a huge fan of that idea!
      Greece – you should definitely go!
      Oh, and YES to visiting you! Would love to make that happen! Seriously!!

  4. Carol

    1. it’s been 11 years…time to go back!
    2. let’s go!
    3. Been to Colorado, but not to Estes Park – sounds beautiful!
    4. No, not at all! I’d return in a heartbeat! So many other places to go there
    5. Sounds interesting, I was there years ago, but don’t remember much
    6. You’ve brought this one to life for me – I’ll add it to my list
    7. Try it at Christmas time!
    8. Yes!
    9. I’ll send you a picture in May 🙂
    10. We all have special places like this!

    Now for my list:
    1. Switzerland/Austria – Sound of Music, of course!
    3. Luxembourg – because I loved how small it looked on the map when I was learning about Europe
    4. Bariloche, Argentina – a co-worker talked this one up so much I must check it out some day
    5. Somewhere in Asia, but I can’t decide which place to go!
    6. Congo – you know why (but sadly I don’t think it will happen this year)

  5. Emily Post author

    Austria sounds fabulous – I just looked at my grandparents’ photos of Austria when I was visiting them last weekend and it looked absolutely beautiful!
    What a great reason!
    Could totally see you going to Argentina someday.
    Yes, to Asia!
    WHAT?!? I need to hear more about this, but I hate that it may not work out!

  6. Katie Axelson

    There are so, so many places I want to go… I’ve been scattering my heart around the world and want to continue.
    Europe… I can’t even really narrow it down more than that.
    Africa… same problem.
    Australia, New Zealand, Nepal, India.
    Argentina, Ecuador, Peru.
    New Mexico, Maine, Texas, New Hampshire.
    Mostly, El Salvador because that’s where my Compassion child is.
    I want to visit all 50 states, six continents, and every country in North America so really wherever the Lord wants to send me next is where I want to go.

    1. Emily Post author

      I love that you scatter your heart around the world, Katie. Can’t wait to see where the Lord takes you next!
      I can’t believe Australia didn’t make it on my list. Just call it an honorary #11 because I absolutely want to go there, too!
      And I hope you make it to El Salvador to see your Compassion child. I know that would be a huge blessing for both of you!

  7. dana.

    My top places –
    1. HOME. I am hungry for home and thought I had an extra week of vacation this year. Michigan in the summer…there is nothing like it. Alas, it will have to wait.
    2. Olympia National Park – it really looks like a fairy world in all the pictures. Makes me want to explore!
    3. Grand Canyon or Bryce Canyon – There is something about seeing immense things in nature to remind me of the immenseness, creativeness & beauty of God.
    4. Hunt ibex (either in the Andes or in Afghanistan – great hiking & beautiful views that few have seen.)
    5. New England in the summer. Thanks to work, this will happen!
    6. Red Sox vs. the Tigers at Fenway. And the Tigers win. Glorious.
    7. The ocean. Love it & miss it more than I ever would have thought. I mean, Charlotte’s not beach side, but it was an easy day trip away. I find myself randomly sniffing the air, searching for a salty breeze.
    8. Scotland. I’m drawn to it and I have no idea why – cold, misty, foggy & rainy – definitely not my weather (you can’t wear flip flops in the cold!). But they do have plenty of ocean. Just not necessarily beaches.
    9. Paris – Whenever I read a book set it Paris, it makes me want to start looking for flights for an extended Parisian visit. One where I hang with locals are really get to feel the city.
    10. Chena Hot Springs outside of Fairbanks, AK in the winter to see the Northern Lights – where they fall like rainbow curtains across the sky. Or so I’ve been told, since I missed them on my 1st trip to Fairbanks! 🙂

    However, I just like to travel & could be talked into going pretty much anywhere!

    1. Emily Post author

      Love your list, Dana!
      Grand Canyon – yes! And totally agree about seeing God’s immenseness, creativeness & beauty in it.
      The ocean…you know I love this!!
      I’d go to Scotland too…even if it meant no flip flops.
      And seeing the Northern Lights sounds awesome!

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