Saturday Plans

saturday plans

My Saturday plans pretty much consist of the following:

Drinking coffee in my favorite chair
Doing laundry
Reading something just for fun (probably “The Brothers Karamazov”)
Cleaning the house … at least parts of it
Watching a movie
Sending a few long over-due emails
Enjoying some much needed down time

What are some of your Saturday plans?

Happy Weekend!


3 thoughts on “Saturday Plans

  1. Brad Stanton

    Drinking tea in my fav chair, listening to a good sermon, working on my blog, reading your great blog posts. BTW, u r beautiful! Your blog is so good, it is always a joy to read.

  2. Alene Snodgrass (@AleneSnodgrass)

    Love your list!!! I’m kind of jealous to be truthful. I’ll be heading to the Annex Jail and spending time with the girls there. While I love that time — I’m in need of a day like you describe. Enjoy sweet friend.

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