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5 things - brownies

1. I made brownies last night. For no reason at all. From a box. Because really, brownies are the one thing that I honestly think just turn out better from a box than from scratch (and I have tried several different recipes hoping to disprove this trend). So if you have a from-scratch recipe that you think is better, send it my way!

2. Have you considered joining me for the Graffiti Summer Study and Do challenge? You definitely should. It’s going to be good.

3. I’m reading the book of Nehemiah right now with the She Reads Truth community. I did a quick read-through of the book a few weeks ago as I was anticipating reading through it slowly on my own. And yes, when I start a new book of the Bible during my daily time with the Lord, I typically do a quick reading of the entire book first for context before I slow it way down. But when I noticed the #shereadstruth plan was Nehemiah, I decided to read along with their 17-day plan (with the YouVersion app).

It’s been great so far, and I have been so encouraged by Nehemiah’s commitment to prayer through every life situation. He prayed boldly, fervently, specifically, expectantly, and often. Such a powerful example!

4. I’m going to see Iron Man 3 this weekend. What movies have you seen lately?

5. Happy Memorial Day weekend!


4 thoughts on “5 Things

  1. Amy Cook

    I love the book of Nehemiah. And I thought a women’s study might pick up on some of the really interesting bits in the listing of the names. I love 3:12 where it says “Shallum son of Halloshesh ruled the other half ot he Jerusalem district, and he rebuilt the next section of the wall. Shallum’s daughters also worked with him.” I think this is really significant for women. He didn’t have sons, but his daughters pitched in and did the same work as the men. And they are rememberd for all time because of it. I’m surprised no one picked up on that.

  2. Kay

    Emily, I attempted homemade brownies a couple of weeks ago because my mom was in town and she makes a killer fudge icing I wanted her to make for them. I used to make really great “from scratch” brownies. But evidently I don’t anymore! I had to throw them away! They definitely weren’t worthy of my mom’s special icing. So I made the box kind instead and I’m thrilled that I did. So I won’t be offering you a recipe…
    Enjoyed reading your blog today. Nice to meet you!

    1. Emily Post author

      A killer fudge icing for brownies sounds fabulous, Kay! But clearly I see no shame with ending up with the box mix! 🙂
      Nice to meet you, too!

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