Graffiti Summer: Opposition to Victory

During this fourth week of Graffiti Summer Study and Do, we took a closer look at the opposition Moses faced when obeying his God-given call to lead the Israelites out of Egypt as recounted in Exodus 6-14. The Lord had hardened Pharaoh’s heart, and it took 10 intense plagues before Moses was able to begin walking in the victory he had been promised.

By reminding us that life is full of opposition and struggle even when we’re stepping into serving exactly where God leads, Alene challenged us to share our struggles with others instead of hiding behind an “everything is fine” mask and to remember that God’s strength is perfected in our weakness.

DO Assignment: Engage in authentic conversation with someone. Share struggles from a deeper level to give others freedom to do the same.

graffiti summer - opposition to victory

For the past several weeks, I have had the privilege of leading two other women from my life group at church through a discipleship study on Monday nights over dinner at Panera. We finished up our study this week, and while there were several things I loved about our time together, one of the things I most appreciated was the opportunity to just be real about some of our faith struggles.

During our study on fellowship within the body of Christ, the Church, that led us to recognize the unique and valuable role of each member, we were challenged to consider if there was someone within our local church community that we had a hard time loving. The study asked us to consider the reasons why it was hard to love them and how we could overcome those reasons.

I was extremely honest in my workbook when I answered these questions in preparation for our meeting, but verbalizing them during our discussion? I wasn’t so sure.

But recognizing the opportunity that was presented, I did ultimately share my horribly immature and self-serving answers. And the brief conversation that resulted, in which we realized that ALL of our answers lacked Christlikeness and then shared truth-filled Scriptures with one another to counter those answers, was both productive and Christ-honoring.

We may not have come away with a perfect answer or perfect attitude, but the authentic conversation that led to countering opposition with the absolute truth of Scripture was more than worth it.


3 thoughts on “Graffiti Summer: Opposition to Victory

  1. Alene Snodgrass (@AleneSnodgrass)

    Oh Emily – I LOVE this! Your last paragraph is perfect in that you didn’t need the perfect answer or attitude. I think the communities around our Christian influences are so tired of us, as Christians, acting like we have the perfect church, answers, lives, and families. Thank you so much for being real so your friends could let their hair down and be real too. I love ya.

  2. Beth

    Loved this too! Many times I feel like I need to give the perfect answer…that whole wanting to fit in thing, instead of honestly sharing what’s on my mind. I love the honesty in your posts Emily! Much love!

  3. Susan Stilwell

    Good for you, Emily. Yeah — the immature, self-serving issues of which you speak? Guilty. I’d totally go there with you, and then totally get my nose in the Word with you 🙂
    Hugs to you!

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