5 Things I Learned in June

1. Just listening to this girl share stories from her recent experience on the World Race was life changing. And when she challenged us by asking the question, “What if we would just be the Church?” Um, yes and amen! You can’t NOT see Jesus all over that!

2. Apparently, drivers in Charlotte are unaware that when traffic lights are out due to a power outage, it is proper to treat the intersection as a four way stop. Or at least approach with caution – it is just plain not wise to barrel through said intersection at 60mph. For the record, the lights went out twice in one week this month.

3. Packing to move is hard work. And overwhelming. And takes up mental space and energy. No lie. But my mama can pack more in two hours than I can wrap my brain around packing in two weeks. Thanks, Mom!

4. Two introverts who have only ever spent a handful of days together can get together for frozen yogurt on a Saturday afternoon and have it turn into a ridiculously wonderful four hours together of pretty much non-stop conversation bouncing from one topic to the next and back again.

5 things i learned in june

5. Wendy’s Frosty in a waffle cone. Y’all. Pure genius. So good!

What have you learned this month?


*linking up today with Emily Freeman at Chatting at the Sky as we all share different things we learned in June*

7 thoughts on “5 Things I Learned in June

  1. Jen

    Hi. So fun that you are in Charlotte. We live 20 min out but work in uptown. I loved your post about the gift cards and your comfort zone. I get it. My husband attended Gordon Conwell several years ago. I tend to ramble, but I look forward to coming back and reading more. And yes…Charlotte drivers frighten me too.
    Have a great weekend.
    🙂 jen

  2. TJ

    Packing is hard work. We are in the process of moving and starting today in fact. My problem is not enough containers to pack things in.

    Your stop light lesson made me smile. I live overseas in a pretty big city that has maybe two or three stoplights. The thing is that drivers are just now starting to stop when the light is red. Most drivers still do what they want to. Makes for an interesting time.

    1. Emily Post author

      Good luck with your packing! Finding enough containers/boxes was definitely a concern for me, too…especially when it came to packing books. I definitely need to reconsider how many of those I own.

      Ha! The stoplight thing pretty much terrified me. I’m pretty sure I’d be terrible at driving almost anywhere overseas. But I guess you get used to it?

    2. TJ

      Emily, I don’t drive here. 🙂 Luckily I have people that can drive me places when I need to. We got all moved in. 🙂

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