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Photo of the Week: Twenty Three

On this day last year, I was in Athens as part of a seminary class on Paul’s New Testament Letters. I took this photo from the Areopagus (Mars Hill) where Paul told the men of Athens about the one true God that they had previously been worshiping, and even built an altar to, as “the unknown god” (see Acts 17:16-34).

As I said last year, walking in the footsteps of Paul on this trip, and especially in Athens, brought out the depths of Paul’s ministry in a whole new way as I witnessed the places where he had been intensely working, selflessly serving, compassionately ministering, fiercely loving, fully living, and boldly proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Greece: Athens and the Cruise

Are you tired of hearing about my trip to Greece yet?

Well, give me two more days (literally, today and tomorrow), and my official re-cap posts will be complete.  Though I can’t necessarily guarantee that I’ll never mention Greece (or Paul’s Letters for that matter) again.  I feel quite certain that there are more stories and photos to be shared sporadically over the next few months in one form or another.

But if you’d rather abandon ship for a couple of days and skip straight to looking through more photos, feel free to friend me on Facebook and look through my Greece album instead. Just don’t forget to come back here next week!

After leaving Thessaloniki and traveling through the countryside, we arrived in Athens on Thursday evening where we stayed for the weekend before boarding the cruise ship, the Louis Majesty, on Monday morning.

While in Athens, we toured a couple of museums (I’ll spare you those details), visited the ancient agora (more on that in the next post…), attended a Sunday morning service at the Greek Evangelical Church (which was an awesome experience!), and of course, hiked up to the Acropolis and Mar’s Hills.

Oh, and did I mention that our hotel in Athens (the Philippos Hotel…which was a fabulous hotel with incredibly friendly employees…even if our brown blankets did mysteriously disappear one night only to reappear the next night) was just a couple of blocks away from the Acropolis and the Plaka (the shopping district)?  I took this photo one night after dinner right around the corner from our hotel. . .a breathtaking view!

Then from my audible sigh of contentment on the first day while sitting in the lounge at the front of the ship on the 9th deck, reading Scripture, overlooking the expanse of the sea, and watching islands pass by on both sides…

…to the gloriously perfect moment on the last day sitting on the 10th deck in complete silence, getting lost in my thoughts, and reveling in my love for the peaceful, calming, reflective, and vast nature of the sea, we were cruising through the Aegean.

Day 1: Mykonos.

Mykonos was beautiful.

And some of my favorite photos from the entire trip are from Mykonos.

Day 2: Ephesus and Patmos. My alarm went off at 5:17am (and trust me, it felt as early as it sounds), so we would have enough time to get ready and disembark for Ephesus, but you’ll have to read the next post for the details.

Day 3: Rhodes.

We stayed at Rhodes all day, so we had plenty of time to tour a castle, head to the beach for a quick swim in the Aegean, eat lunch at a restaurant overlooking one of the town squares, walk through the shops in the old town…

…and then head to an internet cafe for drinks where one of these parrots decided to join us at our table by climbing up the side of my chair.  No worries.  He was friendly. . .loud, but friendly.

Day 4: Crete and Santorini.

On Crete (which is the 5th largest island), we visited the Church of St. Titus…

…and then a couple of us made a quick stop at Starbucks.  I didn’t get anything, though.  I know, shocking!  (Seriously, I’m a huge Starbucks fan!)  But in all fairness, we didn’t have a whole lot of time.

And with that, we come to the last stop on the cruise (and this post): Santorini.