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Photo of the Week: Twenty Two

I just sat here in my office/writing space/study for far longer than can be considered appropriate trying to figure out what in the heck I should post for this week’s official photo of the week. You would think by week 22 I would plan a little better, but apparently not. I traveled with my family to Northern Virginia / Maryland for a wedding over the weekend, and while I do have a handful of photos from the occasion, none of them seemed quite right for the photo of the week.

But as I considered why I started this whole exercise to begin with, I was reminded that I had two main goals in forcing myself to use my camera for this photo of the week project:

1) to continue learning about & stretching my ability in photography

2) to take more photos of life as I see it

I prefer to use my dslr (I shoot with a Canon 50D for those who are curious) for the photo of the week as it pushes the limits of my technical know-how and I hesitate to post instagram photos (which I almost exclusively shoot with the camera on my phone) as that somehow seems like cheating.

But this week’s photo of the US Air Force Memorial near the Pentagon in Arlington, VA is from my instagram feed because although it’s not a great technical photo (I mean, it was taken from the interstate through the window of a moving vehicle), it just plain better represents life as I see it and my love for Washington, DC. And I’m finally okay with that…at least for this week.