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5 Things

5things (grandparents)

1. Two weeks ago, my mom and I headed up to Northern Virginia to see my grandparents  and uncle for the weekend. Even though we discovered a minor leak in their basement that required immediate repair, we had a great time just spending time together for a couple of days. One of the days we were there, I did my make-up in my grandparents’ bedroom (the light was better in there…) while MeMaw was still getting ready in there, too. I may be 27, but there was still something kind of special about that.

5things (baby dedication)

2. Last weekend, I had the amazing privilege of attending a baby dedication for little miss Kenzie (held by two of her grandparents in the above photo above and totally giving her mommy a look that says, “Hey, Mom, are we about done with all these photos?” ha! She really was a trooper and so happy the whole time!). This sweet family is just precious to me. I am beyond grateful to call them friends, and have loved watching them step into this role as parents. It was pure joy to be a part of this commitment to raise Kenzie in a way that honors and glorifies God and points her to her own relationship with Christ as Savior and Lord.

5things (wedding)

3. Speaking of privileges, last night I attended a beautiful wedding of a beautiful couple. Such a sweet ceremony and fun evening with friends.

5things (speak truth)

4. This verse (and this message) is still on my heart. I love how the Lord is stirring some of your hearts in the same way!

5things (cookies)

5. And now, I’m off to check my kitchen to make sure I have the ingredients on hand for these Peanut Butter Chocolate Chunk cookies that I found on Pinterest this morning. They look SO good!

The Little Things in Life…

Sometimes cereal just plain tastes better when eaten out of an orange 1940’s-style Pyrex bowl handed down from MeMaw’s kitchen.


Thanks to both of my grandmothers, I have several of these colorful bowls (in varying colors and sizes) taking up residence in my kitchen cabinet. And they are some of my all-time favorite dishes!


Yes, it’s the little things in life. . .

Dear MeMaw

[Note to PopPaw: I know you’ll see this first, but you may want to use that highly sophisticated intercom system we’re always talking about and go “holler up the stairs” before you read the rest.]

Dear MeMaw,

This post is just for you.

I was given an important photography assignment this weekend, and as a result, you will be excited to know that I have been authorized to make a very special announcement.

The moment you have been patiently waiting for has arrived:

Your quilt is done!



As if you expected anything less, the colors are beautiful, the details are amazing, and the hand-quilting is gorgeous!  Mom did a fabulous job (as usual…).



Now, I’m not sure exactly how or when you will be receiving the finished product, but although the photos do not do this quilt anywhere near the justice it deserves, we thought you might enjoy this “sneak peak” in the meantime.



Can’t wait to see you at Christmas.  Get ready for some homemade cinnamon rolls!